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County receives highest financial reporting award

January 13, 2021 - 00:00
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  • County receives highest financial reporting award
  • County receives highest financial reporting award
    LEFT: New Precinct 3 Commissioner Keith Neuendorff sits in his predecessor’s chair for his very first regular session Commissioners Court on Jan. 11, 2021. RIGHT: Raymie Kana, County Auditor for Colorado County, receives the letter for the Certificate o

The Colorado County Commissioners Court held its first regular session of the year for 2021 on Jan. 11. Although a lengthy agenda, the commissioner’s court finished all agenda items in a little over an hour.

Financial Reporting award for County

Colorado County Judge Ty Prause presented a Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting that was awarded to Colorado County for its Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for the fiscal year ending Dec. 31, 2019. The award was given by the Government Finances Association and accepted by County Auditor Rayme Kana, whose office was instrumental in achieving such an honor.

In other actions:

- Tax Assessor-Collector Erica Kollaja requested a cellular phone allowance for the use of her personal cell phone. The phone allowance is $20 for employees and $40 for elected officials. However, after discussions with the court, Kollaja rescinded her request and it was agreed to wait six months further into her new term.

- Applications were submitted by Colorado Valley Telephone to install buried fiber optic cable along CR 201, 249, and 2103 all falling in Pct. 2, Commissioner Kubesch. All were approved

- A Service Agreement between Colorado County and AT&T for long distance service for a 2-year term at .45 cents per minute.

- Renewed membership with Houston-Galveston Area Council for 2021 and dues of $834.96 - Designated alternate loca

- Designated alternate locations for District Court, CPS court, Atty General Court, County Court (civil, criminal, and appeals from JP courts), Juvenile Court, JP Court, and Probate Court as well commissioners court.

- Approved order fixing number and salaries of office deputies and employees, setting expenses, and mileage reimbursement.

- Waived the requirement of the County Judge to approve all requisitions except those directly involved with his office per Local Government Code 113.901(c)

- Set pay for Petit and Grand Jurors at 12.00 show up, 20.00 for all-day service, and $40 daily thereafter.

- Approved Salary Grievance Committee, Investment Committee, and Loss Control Committee for 2021.

- Approved extending the banking contract with Industry State Bank for two more years. It should be noted that the county made over One million dollars in the 3.5 years it has been with Industry State Bank. The new contract will be the same as the expiring contract.

- Heard and approved reports by the County Auditor, County Investment officer, and County Treasurer

Judge Ty Prause requested a moment of silence for the passing of Sheriff R H “Curly” Wieds’ mother, Gertrude Wied. Commissioners Gertson and Wessels welcomed new commissioner Keith Neuendorff to the court.

Commissioner Kubesch said the county should take the lead on election reform.

County Emergency Management Coordinator Charles “Chuck” Rogers reminded everyone that if they take a COVID test, they are to go home and isolate until test results are received.

He stressed that the rules are still the same as before and that many are going to work or daycare prior to learning their COVID test results.

Prause interjected that the wait time for results when mass collections are done is 5 to 7 days for confirmation. Considering the length of time for test results and a person is on the “downside” of the possible infection, it “doesn’t make a whole lot of common sense to do another mass collection at this time.”