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Courthouse Square planters filled with Red Head Coleuses

June 24, 2020 - 00:00
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  • Courthouse Square planters filled with Red Head Coleuses

Seven large planters around the courthouse square have recently been planted again with Red Head Coleuses. Columbus Garden Club committee members have discovered that the Red Head Coleuses do very well in full sun, part sun and even in mostly shade which encompasses conditions at the three separate seating areas around the courthouse.

The beauty of these plants is not in a bloom but in the vibrant color of its leaves. Members of the community have commented how much they enjoy the striking red plants. Some have asked for the name of the coleuses and where they might get them. The really good thing about these plants is that they are usually planted late spring or early summer and last until it is time for the winter/spring plantings. But, the first frost of the year will really damage them.

The committee that maintains these planters includes: Sharon Roensch, Sharon Wegenhoft, Marilyn Tanner, Brenda Boehm, Pawne Blomquist, Patti Schindler, Janet Johnson, Debbie Braden, Lynda Counts and committee chairman Velma Harrington. Planters are watered three times a week during the hotter months and twice a week in the cooler rainier months. Committee members are given a light weight expandable hose to use when they sign up for the committee. They also monitor the plants and take care of issues with ants, other pests, disease and check for deer damage.

The planters by the green gazebo are in full sun and include two large pots that are planted with the coleuses and two long low planters that are planted with rosemary in an attempt to keep deer away from the planters. There are plans for the two large pots to be replaced with two larger and heavier pots because when the Red Head Coleuses get really large toward the end of summer these pots tend to blow over when it is windy. Club members who drive by, as well as some community members who work nearby or are walking by, stop and pull the pots back upright.

In the fall a garden club committee decorates the gazebo with swags of fall leaves and wreaths and this last year added strings of solar powered lights. Pumpkins are placed in front of the gazebo and sometimes decorated hay bales are included. Last year, hay bales were put out in the sitting area on the northwest corner and the bales were decorated with fall flowers, scarecrows, pumpkins and strings of solar powered lights. The Blue Star Memorial area and bed have been decorated with fall flowers, a wreath, pumpkins and small scarecrows stuck around the flower bed. Columbus HEB and Wal-Mart have been kind and generous to donate the pumpkins through the years.

Columbus Garden Club first purchased the pots and benches on the courthouse square in 2006 through a Columbus Community Industrial Development Corporation (CCIDC) grant. The club is thankful that they have been able to create these areas where people can sit, relax and take in the beauty of our community.

The garden club hopes that you enjoy the butterfly garden and the rose garden in Midtown Park, the butterfly garden at the Visitors Center, the court oak bed, the Blue Star Memorial bed, the historical horse trough, the Columbus Memorial Park planters, and the sitting areas around the courthouse square and that these garden areas will bring a beautiful moment in your day.