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Headlines from the past

November 06, 2019 - 00:00
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Colorado Citizen

A few of the front page headlines in the Friday Nov. 7, 1919 edition of the Colorado Citizen were:

Columbus to control tooth-pick market

Columbus’ future is assured. She will soon be a city of factories, of thriving businesses. She will be the capital of the tooth-pick industry of the world. Tooth-pick kings and kinglets will throng the streets.

All Amendments Defeated In This County Tuesday

Voters of State Probably Carry Two Of Seven Propositions

Returns from ten out of nineteen voting boxes over the county indicate that all of the constitutional amendments voted on in Tuesday’s election were overwhelmingly defeated.

Ghosts Capture Town on Halloween Night

Ghosts, Witches and Goblins were in supreme control of Columbus last Friday night and queer and strange happenings were the order on that night. The Northrap Opera House served as headquarters, and there the populace foregathered to witness the doings of the workers of black art.

Weimar Mercury

Top headlines from the Friday, Nov. 7, 1919 issue of the Weimar Mercury included:

Colorado County Schools To Get Aid

From County Superintendent Blanch Boar we have obtained a list of the schools of Colorado County which have been promised state aid. The schools to get such aid are as follows: Weimar High School $500. Colter School $500. Sheridan School $500. Rock Island School $500. Willswoud School $225. Breitschneider School $225.

Red Cross Drive Now On

The Red Cross third annual drive for members was begun Monday morning, Nov. 3. and is now in full swing. The local Bohemian branch of the Red Cross held an enthusiastic meeting last Sunday, in which more than forty persons were present, and the work was taken up with enthusiasm.

Eagle Lake Headlight

The top stories of the Saturday, Nov. 8, 1919 edition of the Eagle Lake Headlight were:

Burglars Make Big Haul At Daily Store On Saturday Night

Leaving no clues behind, burglars get away with goods amounting to more that $1,000

The B. H. Daily store in this city was burglarized some time during last Saturday night and merchandise and men’s wearing apparel to the amount of probably $1,000 or more are missing from the stock. The burglars gained entrance to the store by prying open the shutters of one of the back windows.

Rice Crop Now About Fifty Percent Threshed

Rice farmers have been a scarce article in town for the past week. Since the weather has been favorable for threshing, every farmer has been busy in the field and every farmer who has been able to secure a threshing machine is busily engaged in the threshing work. The crop is being threshed at a lively clip this week, and Manager B. H. McEthinney of the local office of the Southern Rice Growers’ Association, estimates that fully fifty percent of the crop has been threshed up to date.