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More tips for home sellers

July 01, 2020 - 00:00
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Setting the Right Price

One of the first things you will want is to get a realistic idea of the market value of your home. Your Real Estate Agent can provide you, free of charge, a comparative market analysis. Your Agent will consider local market data and conditions. By looking at comparable homes, they will analyze what has recently sold, what is currently for sale, and what the market rejected. By analyzing all of these factors, your agent can provide the best price for the current market.

Note that some homes are so unique in location, size, and layout that a comparative market analysis may not be feasible. However, Real Estate Agents are professionally trained and do have a clear grasp on actual market values. Carefully consider their recommendations. Priced right, more buyers will be interested. Mortgages are based on fair market value, priced competitively equals more potential buyers.

Preparing Your Home

Sellers will want to know that practically all lending institutions, and all Buyers will require a home inspection. This is an overall review of the state of the mechanics and infrastructure of your home. Areas that will very likely be inspected include:

- Foundation

- Roof (exterior surface and interior surface/attic

- Walls – interior and exterior

- Ceilings and floors

- Doors – interior and exterior

- Windows

- Stairs – interior and exterior

- Porches, decks, balconies, carports

- Electrical systems

- Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems

- Plumbing systems

- Appliances

Evaluate what your home needs. Do an interior and exterior walk through with your Agent and pinpoint problem areas that might be resolved ahead of time. Are these obvious issues that need to b addressed? For instance, are your electrical outlets in the bathrooms, kitchen and exterior areas GFCI protected? Do you have any rotted siding or other parts that should be taken care of? Before you spend your hard-earned money, let your Agent help you prioritize your “TO DO” list to get your home ready.

Ready To Show

Our Agents often say – a VERY important first step for Sellers is that they should unclutter their homes – both inside and out. First appearance is crucial! Make sure your home is clean and neat, even if it means hiring help. Do what you can to make sure you get as much light into the house as possible. Open up the drapes, shutters, blinds. Open and airy sells!

Priced right and ready to show opens your home to a great number of potential buyers. Hit the market as a hot property!