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A new routine We have academics ev- Our routine

September 25, 2019 - 04:00
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With nearly 10 weeks in the books at Texas ChalleNGe Academy, I can tell you that the days might be long at the academy, but the weeks are flying by. Small units have started this week, and next Saturday, Sept. 21, we will have a family day.

Sure the program can be tough. We have cadets from all over the state, each having a different story to tell, and at first, it was a challenge adjusting to all of the personalities. But now after almost ten weeks, I can say that it has been exciting getting to know people from all different backgrounds. I know if I were at my old school, this wouldn’t have happened. I know that I, and most of us, have settled into our new routines.

We have academics every Monday-Friday and have a chance to earn credits at our own pace. We also get to go to the library every Wednesday. That is something most of us look forward to because we are allowed to read our books in the evenings during our free time. We have many books to choose from, and reading does help pass the time.

We also have life-skill classes during the week and learn about ways to improve our lives, and we are learning to be productive citizens. On Monday afternoons, we have our awards ceremony, and sometimes we have guest speakers.

On Saturdays, we spend our day at service to community projects, and on Sundays we can attend church services and have phone calls. Our routine doesn’t change too much, and that is a good thing because we know what to expect.

Small units started this week. We meet every Tuesday and Thursday after school for an hour. It’s a chance for us to do something similar to an after school club. I know that this will make the time here fly by even faster.

Our routine will change a bit on Saturday, Sept. 21, when we have Family Day. That is the day when we get to spend four hours with our families and show them all of the changes that we have made while we are here. It will also mark the halfway point of our time here in Eagle Lake. I’m looking forward to this milestone and anxious to let my family know about my new routine.