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November 01, 2023 - 00:00
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Lloyd Daniel Johnson’s life and lasting legacy was celebrated on Saturday, Oct. 28, 2023 near his home in Temple, TX. He passed away, peacefully, at the age of 88. He honorably served Colorado County in law enforcement in the 1970’s. He was featured in numerous local newspaper articles having been responsible for several drug busts, including articles which were recently unearthed as part of the Time Capsule from 1973. His oldest son helped to bury the time capsule when he was a student at Columbus Elementary.

Mr. Johnson’s story began on Oct. 9, 1935. Born in Bell County in Central Texas to Sidney and Bertha Johnson, he was the youngest of eight children, all of whom were raised working local cotton fields and getting as much education as was possible during the already trying and economically difficult era which included the Great Depression. Raised in a tight and faithful family, he garnered his noted, admirable character and a strong work ethic.

Lloyd was part “Davy Crockett”, a proud and respected Texan til the end. His elder family, having migrated to Central Texas from Tennessee and Arkansas, made the journey by covered wagon.

He also had some “William Wallace” in him and a wee bit of “St. Patrick” as well, with the “brave heart” and steadfast spirit of his earlier ancestors, having immigrated from Scotland and Ireland. Lloyd was raised in the area of the present-day Belton Lake, which was then known as Tennessee Valley. When Belton Dam was constructed and the valley area became the lake, the Johnsons moved to the higher grounds of Temple and Belton. Many interesting stories exist about Lloyd and his siblings and their legendary antics as well as their strong camaraderie growing up, which also lasted the duration of all of their lives. Balancing the lessons of a hard work ethic with a steadfast Christian faith, his parents instilled the strong family values and the character that Lloyd held on to his very end.

As was the case for many young men of his era, Lloyd managed to enlist in the military and became a United States Marine well before his eighteenth birthday. As a young Marine he became a decorated marksman and was honored with several medals, including the designation of Marksman and was awarded the medals of “Rifle Expert” as well as “Pistol Expert.” These and other achievements aided him later as he first became a police officer in Killeen, Texas, the home of Fort Hood, where area soldiers of the 1960’s surely came to know him very well while they were off the base and in need of some additional “accountability.”

He did not let them down. Never the biggest guy, but always a known “enforcer,” Lloyd helped to keep Bell County safer in those days. He went on to serve in law enforcement in other areas of Texas as well. He was City Marshal of Marble Falls and before finally serving as Sheriff Deputy and then Deputy Constable in Colorado County. More recently, as an extracurricular activity, still holding true to the legend, “Once a Marine, Always a Marine,” Lloyd earned his “Concealed Handgun License” at the age of 71 in a full class of students aging mostly in their 20’s and 30’s. Not surprisingly, he out-performed all of them, earning a “perfect” shooting score. Always the quiet leader, he never even had to say, “Go ahead. Make my day.” His charisma was all in his eyes... and in action.

Lloyd’s most proud achievements, however, came when he became a family man. He married the late Charlotte Shearin at Twin Cities Baptist Church in Temple in 1962 where he also volunteered in evangelism. He and Charlotte had three children, two of which graduated in Columbus, John Johnson (CHS Class of 1983) and Gary Johnson (CHS Class of 1985) and Stephanie (Johnson) Hudson, a graduate of Gatesville H.S. He felt no greater pride than being called “dad.” To better support his family, he also worked as a foreman at United Metals in Alleyton and was a solo entrepreneur as a small business owner for many years since then. He enjoyed and owned several classic cars and trucks over the years and was a member of the Bassmasters fishing club. From motorsports to shooting sports as well as road trips and plenty fishing and camping outings with them all, he was on cloud 9 when having fun, just enjoying his family.

Lloyd Johnson was preceded in death by his parents as well as all his seven siblings. He was also preceded in death by his young grandson, Christopher, who died in a tragic accident last Thanksgiving. Christopher was the son of Gary Johnson. Lloyd is survived by six other grandchildren, six great grandchildren and many nieces and nephews. The family is faithful in their belief that a marvelous reunion is now underway, which followed Lloyd’s ultimate healing, courtesy of his Ultimate and Heavenly Father, by way of his Savior, Jesus Christ.