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Cardinals kick off with 2-1 in the new year

January 13, 2021 - 00:00
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Columbus Cards sail over Edna Mustangs

On Wed. Jan. 5, the Cards met the Mustangs and defeated them 57-44. With each passing quarter, the Cards progressed in scoring total points.

The top scorer for the Cards was No. 0 Upson with 15 total points. Upson made three two-pointers, two three-pointers, and was 3-7 from the free throw line.

No.1 Wray and No.11 Braden followed close behind with 12 total points each. Wray made four two-pointers, and was 4-4 on free throws. Other scorers were No. 4 Barnes with six points, No. 5 Pitchford with eight points, and No. 21 Albright with four points.

Columbus roundballers pick off Yoakum

The Columbus Cards basketball team traded points with the Yoakum Bulldogs but came out on top with a 43-39 victory.

No. 1 Wray was the high scorer for Columbus with 10 of his 23 contributed points made in successful free throws.

No. 5 Pitchford put up 10 points, No. 0 Upson with seven, No. 4 Barnes recorded two, and No. 11 Braden contributed one point.

The Cards have two upcoming road games as they take on Tidehaven Jan. 15, and Industrial Jan. 19.

Brahmas beat Cards in close matchup

The Columbus Cardinals met the Hallettsville Brahmas head on Jan. 9 and came out on the short end, losing to the Brahmas by two with a final 39- 37 score. The Cards started out strong but failed to keep up the momentum in the third and fourth quarters. The Brahmas held the Cards to only one point in the fourth quarter. Total points were made across the board with No. 1 Wray chalking up 11 points. No. 5 Pitchford came up with nine total points. No. 4 Barnes and No. 11 Braden put up five total points each and No. 21 Albright added one point.

The Cards take on Tidehaven Jan. 15 in Tidehaven, and Industrial at Industrial Jan. 19.