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September 16, 2020 - 00:00
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My name is Emille Wills, and I am 18 years old and attend Texas ChalleNGe Academy. Even with the Covid-19 crisis, TCA is still operating and doing everything we can to do service to the community, one of our eight core components.

Echo Platoon recently went to Matagorda Beach with Charlie Platoon to pick up trash and clean the beach. This was the first time that we had left Texas ChalleNGe Academy since we arrived in July, and it was so awesome being able to leave campus and see a different part of the world.

When we arrived and I saw the beautiful water, I was flooded with emotions. I observed everything around me. I felt like an alien showing up on earth for the first time when I saw families at the beach walking together or cooking as a family. Observing all the people with their children brought tears to my eyes and reminded me how important family is and had me missing home. I learned that I really do want to be a part of a family.

I know that I am at TCA because it is helping me to grow into the person that I need to become. It will help me accomplish things in life that I need to complete so that I can be a better person and part of a community and family like the ones I saw at Matagorda that day.

I want to graduate from TCA with my diploma and carry on with life with a fresh start. I am here away from family and friends for a short time, and I know it will help me. I have learned so many things while I have been here. But the one that I have learned the most is that being 18 is harder than I thought it would be.