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November 27, 2019 - 00:00

Resident says pick up your

trash after Friday Night Lights

Please throw away your trash! Saturday, Nov. 9, I took my kids to Memorial Stadium to enjoy the beautiful day and it was very disappointing to see the amount of trash left behind in the stands after Friday night’s football game, especially on the home side. We have a beautiful new stadium and there are six, yes six, trash cans in the stands for you to throw away your trash and not leave behind for someone else to do it. While the afternoon was meant for my kids to run around and play, they asked if they could pick up trash instead. What?!? Here is a nine and a six-year-old wanting to help keep our community clean, so they picked up all the trash in the stands on the home side. Is it too much to ask that we all be responsible citizens and pick up after ourselves when attending community and school events? Let’s keep Columbus beautiful!

Carrie McRee

CCIDC board member thanks community

Dear City of Columbus (Columbians):

It is bittersweet that after many years of service to the City of Columbus through the Columbus Community Industrial Development Corp, that I must resign my post effective Dec. 31.

As many of you are aware, in October, I was selected as Pastor of Glidden Baptist Church. In order to take on the full weight of responsibilities in my new position, I unfortunately must resign my CCIDC post.

Since moving back to Columbus in 2010, my goal was, and still is, to serve this community. I want to thank former Mayor Dwain Dungen and current Mayor Lori An Gobert for appointing me and allowing me to serve on this board. I also would like to thank former councilman, the late John Axel, for encouraging me throughout the process with his mentorship. In the same spirit in which I was appointed to the board, I have made a recommendation for my replacement.

I pray in the coming years that through this board and its directors, Columbus will continue to be a target for new businesses to provide jobs and to bolster the economy of our great city. I will continue to do my part in this community to try and make a difference for our people. God bless us all.


Joel N. Usher