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Nature: “How sewage could reveal true scale of coronavirus outbreak”

April 08, 2020 - 00:00
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To the editor, The headline is talking about Covid-19 in sewage as it passes through a Waste Water Treatment Plant on its way to a river as sewage effluent. What about SEWAGE BIO-SOLIDS on its way to farms where it contaminates farm crops, livestock and leaches and runs off into our surface and ground waters? Treatment of both pathways are different and have always been inadequate because it is based on limited testing by the United State Environment Protection Agency (EPA) from the 70s and 80s and was influenced by U.S. Legislators and the sewage lobby. Why? Because East and West coast cities could no longer dump their sewage in the ocean for free. Money. (See the 1988 Ocean Dumping Ban Act) CFR 40- 503 is the results of that ban publish in 1993 and is unchanged to this day.

If you read the U.S. EPAs document. “Problem Formulation for Human Risk Assessment of Pathogens in Land-applied Biosolds.pdf” you will see PhD’s working for the U.S. EPA shows dangerous bacteria does exist in this ill-conceived process and not only dangerous bacteria but VIRUSES as well. Covid -19 is a VIRUS. There have been NO studies or testing on Covid-19 in biosolids and its effects and longevity and yet, our government is still allowing it out to be openly broadcasted on top of the ground while everyone is forced to stays in their homes. Covid-19 is the tip of the pathogen dirty iceberg in sewage.

Here is a statement from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) in an interview by Colorado County Citizen (CCC) in Columbus, TX. Any other state EPA would have the same script.

Q CCC: “What do waste management companies need to know about wastewater and sewage coming from a healthcare facility or community setting with either a known COVID-19 patient or person under investigation.”

A. TCEQ: “... current disinfection conditions in wastewater treatment facilities are expected to be sufficient.”

Unless you missed that it says “EXPECTED”! “Expected” mean we will see because we just do not know. Let’s test on the public yet again. After all, how can anyone tell their cancer, chronic diseases, birth defect and exposure to bacteria, viruses, heavy metal and chemical carcinogens came from farmer Brown’s field 496? The perfect sewage storm by design and the sewage syndicates makes estimated billions on it. They also spend millions protecting it.

Note: The TCEQ is talking about treating sewage effluent not biosolids.

Q CCC: “Do wastewater and sewage workers need any additional protection when handling untreated waste from healthcare or community setting with either a known COVID-19”

A. TCEQ: “Wastewater workers should use standard practices including basic hygiene precautions and wear the recommended PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) as prescribed for their current work tasks when handling untreated waste. There is no evidence to suggest that employees of wastewater plants need any additional protections in relation to COVID-19.”

“There is NO EVIDENCE...”. There is no evidence” because there are NO STUDIES on Covid-19. That would be at the health peril of workers and the public. It will be too late when EPAs finally admit biosolids are dangerous. We are just talking about C-19 and not the thousands of other dangerous viruses, bacteria, heavy metals and not to forget chemicals which have been ignored by the EPAs and sewage industry since 1993. Pollutants in sewage biosolids being pumped into your food and water supply is a real threat. The U.S. EPA and your state EPA’s do not even try to track deaths from sewage exposure. If they did, plausible deniability on the health effects and risk of sewage biosolids exposure to our citizens would be gone and so would the FREE multibillion-dollar industry for the beneficial land application of sewage biosolids.

Here is a real scare. The company Synagro, the largest handler of sewage biosolids in the United States, rails New York and Baltimore sewage biosolids all over the country. Their latest ventures are drying facilities where ever they can place them. Drying only encapsulate chemicals and heavy metals. There are even pathogens that do not deactivate with anything less than incineration temperatures. Pennsylvania has been their target and now Ft Worth, Texas.

There are many other ways to handle sewage that do not place our citizens in harm’s way. The beneficial use of sewage is a sick health joke on farmers and the public.

Are you awake yet?.

Craig Monk