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Take notice

January 08, 2020 - 00:00
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Even’s Edge

the kind of person they are. What we say provides insight into our personality, and if you look/listen hard enough, you will find that everyone is quite similar, despite how different they may seem on the outside.

I’ve found myself missing important information because of how little I pay attention to other people, whether something good happened or someone is having a bad day. I believe that communication is extremely important, but pausing to listen and observe is as, if not more, important as that.

I noticed more about what was going on by staying quiet than by talking and focusing only on what I had to say. It’s an interesting experience, being silent.

At school, there’s always some kind of noise all day, and it’s usually someone talking, whether it’s the teacher, or my classmates, or some random person in the hallway. I try to focus on my schoolwork, but sometimes I like to pay attention to what people say. While it’s usually just a joke or an irrelevant comment, sometimes people say certain things that hint at

I can be loud when I want to be, but I’ve never really been very outspoken. I know how to keep to myself and stay quiet when I need to be, but sometimes I do it to listen and observe people and things around me. You can learn a lot about someone by listening to the things they say and paying attention to how they say it.

I’d always wondered, what would it be like if I didn’t speak for an entire day, just listened and used my senses to observe and think. I found that it was quite difficult, so I decided to only speak if spoken to first, but otherwise, I would only listen in silence.