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An alternate perspective: Skull Creek

May 15, 2019 - 00:00
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When asked to write about Skull Creek, I struggle to write something meaningful. What do I care about the happenings at Skull Creek? I don’t even live in the county. The story does not affect me, right?

Yes, it does.

As a person who subscribes to the current interpretation of Republican beliefs and values, I am told to question the extent to which global warming and climate change are destroying our earth. Nonetheless, seeing what has happened at Skull Creek is a primary source for environmental damage caused by humans.

The perpetrators of the activities which have apparently decimated Skull Creek should be punished to the full extent available.

However, I hope they have opened everyone’s eye to the fact that humans can, do, and are damaging the planet. Again, to what extent that is true is up for debate, but I believe it still serves to solidify one thing: humans do damage the Earth.

I truly do not know and would never claim to know how much of what happens at places like Skull Creek and elsewhere is affecting humanity on the global scale, but I believe we should examine Skull Creek as an example of damage humans are causing.

Upon acknowledging this, we can strive to end this sort of behavior and help our planet’s ecosystems.

Chris Brown is The Citizen’s Editorial Assistant. He is a senior at Columbus High School. Connect with Chris on Facebook at CitizenEditorialAssistant