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Among the major concerns of mine

February 27, 2019 - 00:00
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Chris’ Corner

As I will be going to college soon at University of Houston (those who follow me on Facebook already know that), I have started considering the debt I may incur given the fact that I want to be a psychiatrist, which requires a medical degree. I know that, unless some miracle occurs, I will need to use student loans, and I’ve accepted that fact. I believe I want, passionately, to become a psychiatrist, but that road is very long.

Medical school, according to what I’ve gathered from research, takes about eight years to complete. Four years of school, and four years of residency. That eight number is to be added to four years of undergraduate, totaling 12 years of post-secondary.

In that case, I’ll finish my education at age 30. That idea does not sound appealing and is off-putting. I do not want to start my career and adult life at 30 years old, but I also want to help people, specifically veterans, with mental trauma.

What I’ve grown to understand is that with these extraordinarily challenging, life-changing questions, there is no help. No one is going to decide what I do with my life except me. However, the desire to not be wrong plus the major concerns and drawbacks, are much to deal with. With everything I’ve had to decide up to now, two things have been true: First, no questions I’ve had to answer have held so much weight. Secondly, I simply leaned on my family and friends for help.

Now, it’s up to me . . .

Getting old sucks.

Chris Brown is The Citizen’s Editorial Assistant. He is a senior at Columbus High School. Connect with Chris on Facebook at