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November 18, 2020 - 00:00

I was saddened to read that our county judge and all county commissioners approved the Barn Builders request to petition Governor Abbott to open all businesses in the county to 100 percent and make mask wearing a choice and not a law.

We have been warned by the experts (medical doctors and scientists) that as winter approaches, COVID-19 Coronavirus cases are expected to increase. To head off this increase, masks should be mandated and businesses may be required to decrease their activity or even shut down if considered necessary. Opening up to 100 percent should be done in stages so changes, if needed, may be more easily made.

Scientists have proven that masks protect the wearer as well as others the wearer may be near. If the Barn Builders do not wear masks, folks who do may live in fear of being near them. Let’s put away our Republican and Democrat opinions about masks and just be patriotic Americans who are concerned about our health and that of our fellow Americans. Besides, even more uncomfortable than wearing a mask is the act of struggling to take another breath while dying of the virus.

Our medical professionals are pleading with us to wear masks, keep our distance, and wash our hands frequently. Many states, including Texas, are running out of intensive care rooms, respirators, and medical staff. Let’s follow their requests.

More medical advice may be obtained from the Public Information Officer of the Texas State Health Services at 512-776-7111.

Mike Loessin

Weimar, Texas

For some 220 years we have had fairly successful elections with peaceful changes in the leadership of our nation. This year we have seen what appears to be election fraud like never before. Even if fraud is discovered and responsible persons punished; and even if the leadership changes, the fact remains: elections can be polluted. I believe we can recover.

The basic problem is very simple: capitalism and socialism cannot get along. To the socialist, we need a dictator to rule and to control us in a planned society. In fact, we have been in a planned society since 1933 and all the bureaucracies that came with it have not gone away but have grown into what we now have: Fabian socialism or Fascism. To the capitalist, it means to preserve out society we need to elect better people to office. OK, where are these better people? Maybe we did elect them and sent them to DC or Austin and now they are part of the problem.

The real problem here is that the Fabian Socialist actively want to take over and control the capitalist society. Why? Because the capitalist create the wealth and the socialist need the wealth to distribute to their welfare state. The capitalist society is too busy creating wealth to try to take over a socialist nation or even a city-state.

For the solution, I offer two: first, for the election fraud, blockchain voting security, it is being tried in South Korea; second, since the socialist and capitalist cannot get along, let’s try secession again. Possibly let socialist city-states be created, locally Houston and Harris County. Or, maybe the South could rise again. Or, maybe the west (left) coast could secede into a new nation.

It is time to start thinking “outside the box”. Thank you for reading this far.

Bob Raborn