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Back to School

August 14, 2019 - 00:00
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Even’s Edge

This week is the first week back in school, and as I brace myself for the busy schedule filled with upcoming football games, band rehearsals, late nights, homework, tests, grades, and more, I also appreciate knowing that I am taking one more step towards my future as I learn the skills necessary to move on to the next grade.

I was with a group of friends last week talking about the end of summer and start of the school year, and someone made a joke about how “terrible” having to go to school is. Of course, they were only making fun and I laughed at how relatable his mood was, but I also thought about how fortunate I am to have this opportunity to learn and choose my future.

It’s easy to pretend that everyone else’s problems are none of your business, that they don’t matter, or simply say that there is nothing you can do to help them, but there are people around the world deprived of such luxuries as formal education. Even in our own country, you will find people who cannot afford an education to get a degree at a college or university. They are forced to “settle” for a job with too much work for too little pay that barely helps them support themselves and their families. They are left in the dark, oblivious to the knowledge of this amazing world we live in, and miss out on great opportunities to contribute to our world and making it a better place to live in.

I have a choice as to what I want to pursue when I move forward into a career after high school, and although I am not there yet, I appreciate the ability to dream about it now while I prepare for that. As I enter my junior year, I hope to have a more positive outlook on my education and to avoid taking it for granted, and I encourage my classmates to do the same.