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The pulse of the community

August 14, 2019 - 00:00
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Along the Stream

“This is not a Little League thing,” Coach David Olivarez assured the filled gym.

“This is not a high school thing,” he added.

“This is a Columbus thing.”

And the throng in the packed bleachers roared their approval.

Runner-up World Champion Columbus softball players had ridden a firetruck to the Meet the Coaches pep rally and ice cream social Wednesday, and it was indeed a “Columbus thing.” Columbus has always been a sports town, but in the wake of the Junior Softball All-Stars’ trip to the World Series in Washington State, the whole town has been in ecstasy. And that was quite apparent in their welcome at the pep rally.

It’s often called “community spirit.” Some towns have it, some don’t. And what a difference it makes.

Everyone is heading back to school about now, which brings to mind an old axiom once taught in math class: “The whole is equal to the sum of its parts.” It’s quite true in math, but not necessarily everywhere else.

The whole is sometimes greater than all the separate, individual parts added together. With communities, what gives that “something extra” is community spirit. It can be seen at pep rallies, at hospital fundraisers, at county fairs. It’s the heart that pumps lifeblood all through the entire system.

A newspaper isn’t the lifeblood, but it’s what monitors the heartbeat. A strong community has a strong heartbeat, and its community newspaper can produce the feedback needed to keep it strong. For over a century, The Colorado County Citizen has been plugged in and reporting back on that heartbeat. It’s what we will keep doing for years to come.

That’s our mission.

Community spirit is alive and well. Coach Olivarez nailed it: “It’s a Columbus thing.”