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Teamwork is an important part of life

November 06, 2019 - 00:00
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  • Teamwork is an important part of life

Even’s Edge

All my life I’ve had people by my side, providing for me, caring for me, supporting me, and I am very blessed to say that. As I’ve gone through the first few phases of my (short) life, I have come to understand the importance and value of having a group of people to interact with, learn with, and grow with. I consider myself to still be quite young but even in the short time I’ve been alive, I can see the need for every person to have others nearby to support them.

It is easier to ignore a stranger, avoid eye contact, or simply act as if they aren’t there, compared to having a conversation with them. But when you decide to interact with that person you also open up opportunities for yourself that would have been left undiscovered if you’d kept quiet. Learning to depend on other people can be difficult and uncomfortable, especially when you need help with a situation and would rather deal with it yourself, but by reaching out to others around you for assistance you will find that you’re better off with a bit of embarrassment asking for help than to be stuck in a situation you can’t resolve alone (and be even more embarrassed).

Building relationships is important for improving work efficiency, productivity, and quality. For example, in nature you find termites working together to create massive colonies, each taking on a part of the load so that no termite is left without a job to do, and this way the job which seems impossible for such tiny creatures can be completed. And in something like government or other forms of leadership, there is always a group of people, such as the Cabinet of the United States, to support, advise, and assist those in command.

Teamwork plays a significant role in almost every form of success and is necessary for the survival of mankind. Without teamwork, the world wouldn’t work and would eventually fall apart; it is the fellowship and relationships that bond people together and enable us to fulfill the seemingly impossible tasks that keep our world moving forward.