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Headlines from the past

January 08, 2020 - 00:00
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Among the top headlines of the Friday, Jan. 9, 1920 edition of the Colorado Citizen were:

Mad Dog Killed in

Mentz Community

Mr. Lee Wendel of the Mentz community killed a dog near his home last Wednesday morning which he thought was mad. He brought the head to town and had Dr. Payne send it to the Pasteur Institute at Austin for examination. A wire was received the following morning saying that the dog was mad at the time it was killed. the dog is not known to have bitten anyone.

E.J. Dodd Arrested

On Felony Charge

And Held In Jail

E.J. Dodd, a rice farmer of the Eagle Lake section was arrested and placed in jail Wednesday afternoon on a felony charge. The warrant for his arrest was issued on the complaint of L.P. Bunge, who said that Dodd held him up at the point of a pistol and forced him to sign a note for about $2200. After Bunge left him at the bridge Dodd returned to Eagle Lake and is said to have offered the note to the Frank Stephens Company in payment of a debt. Dodd makes the assertion that the amount of the note is due him by Bunge. Bunge denies that he owes him anything.


The Friday, January 9, 1920 issue of the Weimar Mercury had the following among its top stories:

Raising The Rate

With the last issue of the Eagle Lake Headlight announces a raise in both its subscription and advertising rates. The Headlight is one of the best papers published in Texas, and for a long time it has tried to “make ends meet” without no increase of either advertising or subscription rates, but is now forced to acknowledge that “it can’t be did.” Many others of our exchanges throughout South Texas raised their subscription rate to $2,00 on Jan. 1st, announcing that it 3was necessary to do this or suspend publication.



Here was one of the top headlines from the January 31, 1920 issue of the Eagle Lake Headlight:

To Get Union Depot

Here Citizens Must

Wake Up; Get Busy

What about that union passenger station for Eagle Lake? It begins to look that our people are asleep at the switch. We firmly believe if the citizens of our town will make a concerted and active campaign for a permanent union station here after the railroads go back to private ownership that we can get it. But it begins to look that every man is waiting for some other fellow to take the initiative. Our town, with its three railroads, should have a union station. And we can get it if our people will only show a little interested in the matter.